Custom solutions to meet your individual needs

About us

SA Urethanes provides our customers with unique solutions tailored to their individual needs utilising the very best in polyurethane technology while still maintaining affordable prices and quick turnaround times.


While we specialise in the use of cast elastomers we are also able to provide other materials that may be required by our customers.


This means that there will be a large selection of materials available to us to help uniquely tailor solutions to our customer’s requirements.

What is polyurethane and how do we do it?

Polyurethane elastomers are a polymer which is processed by mixing base materials with a curative/catalyst.


The resulting mixture is then hand poured into a mould to reduce/remove imperfections in the part. Our moulds are generally created from machined metals such as steel, aluminium or alloy, however, we are able to cast polyurethane moulds from existing parts.


If large quantities of parts are required then we can make use of multiple cavity moulds to reduce the time needed for processing therefore reducing costs.

Other Services

We can also machine or grind polyurethane post-cast depending on the hardness of material and job being undertaken.


Most of our machining is done in house however where outside machining is required we can organise solutions to cater to our clients individual needs and wants.


Preparation of rollers and wheels requiring refurbishment can be undertaken in-house with machining and sandblasting capabilities available to ensure that all parts created are top quality.


From design to production we have you covered.


Our Leadership Team

Having over 50 plus years of combined experience within the polyurethane industry, our leadership team has garnered the knowledge and experience required to help advise our customers on solutions catered to the needs of the customer and requirements of their projects.


With the knowledge and experience necessary for all types of products, from custom one-offs to full scale production runs, our leadership team are able to help and advise you, the customer, so that you can be confident the end product will be up to your needs and requirements.